Southern Regional Minority Supplier Development Council

  • Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification for Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas & Mississippi



  • Certification Designation: MBE
  • Race Conscious?: Yes
  • Gender Conscious?: No
  • Re-Certification: Annual
  • Graduation: None
  • Approval Timeline: 30-90 Days
  • Cost: $300-$700 (Certification); $250-$650 (Annual Re-certification)
  • Website:



Certification with the Southern Regional Minority Supplier Development Council (SRMSDC) provides minority-owned businesses with valuable resources to help them grow and succeed. SRMSDC offers minority-owned businesses an excellent opportunity to meet with corporate buyers who are interested in working with qualified and certified minority business enterprises (MBEs). SRMSDC offers formal and informal venues to meet with corporate buyers so MBEs can learn about state and local opportunities and expand professional networks. SRMSDC is an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the largest national organization whose certification is recognized uniformly by corporate America. 

Benefits of MBE certification:

  • More than two-thirds of MBEs confirm an increase in revenues as a result of partnership with corporate members of the NMSDC
  • Access to over 3,500 leading global, national, regional and local companies and their buyers
  • Listing in the regional and national certified MBE database
  • The ability to participation in education programs and workshops to assist in personal, financial and professional growth
  • Opportunities to network with corporate members, MBEs and business owners at SRMSDC events and activities
  • Second tier and MBE to MBE business opportunities




1. Register as a user on the SRMSDC website.

2. Complete the online Certification application. Certification starts with the online application. You may take as long as necessary to complete the application. Your information will be saved for your next session and is completely confidential. 

3. Pay the application fee. You may pay by credit card or send a check. Your application will be processed after payment is received.

4. Send or hand deliver the required supporting documentation to SRMSDC’s office. SRMSDCC requires specific documents to complete the Certification process. The documentation must be sent through postal mail. Upon receipt, the application and supporting documents are reviewed for completeness.

5. Site Visit. SRMSDC will perform a site visit of your business office and conduct a personal interview of the owner(s). 

6. Committee Review. The Certification Committee will review your application for MBE certification and must approve the application before it can be submitted to the Board for final approval.

7. Board Review. The Board will review the Certification Committee's recommendation and make the final decision. If the Board rejects the application, you may submit a letter of appeal. If approved, you will be notified by e-mail and postal mail.