City of Shreveport

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification


  • Certification Designation: DBE
  • Race Conscious: NO
  • Gender Conscious: NO
  • Re-Certification: Annual
  • Graduation: None
  • Approval Timeline: 30-90 Days
  • Cost: Free
  • Website:

Overview (Download PDF)

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program handles certification for all socially and economically disadvantaged businesses for all departments of the City of Shreveport and other local public entities having that need. The office is also the certifying agent for the North Louisiana Purchasing Network, a volunteer organization of local large corporations committed to improving relationships between these companies and area DBE businesses.

The DBE office provides disadvantaged businesses the opportunities to diversify and grow through various services and referrals. As part of the Department of Community Development, the DBE Program has been mandated by the Department to perform and monitor identified functions that will enhance the City's DBE economic participation. In addition to City mandates, the DBE program employs the requirements and measurements as outlined in the federal regulations relative to funding sources received by the City. 


Business entities organized for profit and performing a commercial purpose are eligible for certification. The business must be at least fifty-one percent (51%) owned, controlled and operated on a daily basis by persons determined to be disadvantaged. 

Certification Process

  1. The completed application, along with supporting documentation, must be brought IN PERSON to the DBE Office, City Hall Annex, 1237 Murphy Street, Room 210, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101. 
  2. Consultation with the applicant is done to ensure the applicant understands the requirements of the application and questions are answered or researched for the applicant.
  3. The application is reviewed to check for the authenticity of the document. If there are any incomplete blocks, the applicant is asked to forward the necessary information. 
  4. Upon completion of the review, a site visit is scheduled with the applicant. The site visit is conducted to verify the information listed by the applicant. A site visit is conducted upon initial certification and for re-certification, if required.
  5. A letter awarding certification is submitted to the applicant along with a certificate with the Community Service Bureau Chief’s signature. The date awarded and date of expiration is listed on the certificate. 

The Shreveport DBE Certification Application

The application is also available online at:

Agency contact information is included in the PDF Overview above.