Recovery School District of New Orleans

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Registration


  • Certification Designation: Registered DBE
  • Race Conscious: NO
  • Gender Conscious: NO
  • Re-Certification: Dependent on the certifying agency. See eligibility below.
  • Graduation: Dependent in the certifying agency. See eligibility below.
  • Approval Timeline: 10-Business Days
  • Cost: Free
  • Website:

Overview (Download PDF)

The Recovery School District of New Orleans (RSD) has established the DBE Office to encourage the participation of certified DBE firms in planning, building and renovating schools throughout the city.

The DBE Office:

  • Maintains ‘entrance points’ for qualified DBEs seeking participation in RSD construction projects;
  • Provides information on general contractors for capital rebuilding projects;
  • Keeps general contractors informed of interested, qualified DBEs and DBE outreach opportunities/mechanisms;
  • Keeps interested, qualified DBEs informed of RSD opportunities and related events;
  • Engages RSD contractors, providing assistance in addressing barriers to meeting compliance goals and with identifying/articulating ‘good faith’ efforts; and
  • Tracks and review actual contractor compliance/compliance efforts.

The RSD does not have an independent DBE certification process.


In order to qualify as a DBE for the RSD, a business must be certified as a LAUCP DBE or a City of New Orleans SLDBE.   

The DBE Registration Package

The DBE registration information sheet is also available online at:

Agency contact information is included in the PDF Overview above.